Jake Shane

Jake Shane grew up in Illinois. He got lost in the recesses of the early blues and American folk traditions and found himself living in Nashville, where he recorded his Dostoevskian debut album, Ancient Fire (2012) and spent time working for legendary singer-songwriter John Prine while also earning a degree in Philosophy.

Jake moved to Madrid, Spain, in 2012, where he became immersed in flamenco and wrote the songs to his second album, Evening Sounds. Martin Chilton from The Daily Telegraph has written: "Jake Shane's album Evening Sounds neatly blends folk, Americana and even some Spanish influences from his time in Madrid in pleasant melodies with some clever lyrics on songs such as 'Before Winter' and 'Seascape'. An enjoyable listen."

After two years in Madrid, Jake became itinerant for three years, spending a few months in a dozen places and several countries. He recently moved back to Spain where he earns his living as a touring singer-songwriter and continues to refine his image-driven lyrics and explore the eternal questions through American roots music with Spanish overtones, forming a sound entirely his own.

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