Jake Shane is an American singer-songwriter and recording artist. He is known for his lyricism, vivid voice and guitar playing which masterfully blends Americana, pre-war blues and flamenco techniques to create a captivating sound. Leonard Cohen’s long-time friend, biographer and Spanish translator, Alberto Manzano, has praised Jake's “powerful and precise musical fusions” and “bold and dynamic philosophy,” writing that in Jake’s songs “nature, religion and love meld into one another and the artistic personality of their author bursts through, innocent as a whale who longs to be a child again, and experienced as a sponge that has absorbed all waters and now wrings them out, drop by drop, converting them into luminous musical notes and words. 


Jake Shane played his first concert in 2004 in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois and has been gigging ever since. He left the Midwest in 2008 to move to Nashville, where he received a degree in Philosophy, worked for John Prine’s Oh Boy Records and composed the songs to his first album, Ancient Fire (2012). This debut album combines the folk, blues and Americana Jake grew up listening to with lyrics that drew inspiration from The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

In The Fall of 2012, Jake moved to Spain. While becoming fluent in Spanish he absorbed himself in Madrid’s flamenco scene, learned about the flamenco tradition, wrote reviews for the popular flamenco website chalaura.com and taught himself flamenco guitar. In 2014, his translation of Pablo San Nicasio’s book, Contra las cuerdas (Strings Attached) was published by Oscar Herrero Ediciones. This work is the largest published collection of interviews of contemporary flamenco guitarists.

The musical work resulting from this period was Evening Sounds (2015), an album steeped in flamenco guitar with a neat blend of Americana and folk, combined with lyrics drawn from personal experiences in Spain.

After Jake’s time in Spain, he moved back to the U.S., but didn’t stay in one place for long. Between 2015 and 2017 he found himself living in Nashville, Florida, New York, Washington D.C., and New Mexico. He spent months hitchhiking through Mexico with his brother, traveled to Cuba, Israel, back to Spain, and drove across the U.S. a few times. All the while, Jake was steadily composing songs for his next record. 

Much of the writing for his third album, Water To Land (2018), was finished in an isolated adobe house one winter in the high desert of New Mexico. After Jake’s definitive return to Madrid, he recorded Water To Land in the summer of 2018, in Moba Studios with producer Sergio Molina. Most of the album was recorded live, in three days, with a band of Englishmen. 

Jake has toured the U.S., Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Sweden extensively and will also visit the Netherlands and Belgium in December 2019. His fourth album, Kalina & Other Modern Myths, was released on October 18th, 2019.